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How a Normal Delivery Changed My Life

I was told that I wouldn’t be able to take the pain of delivering normally. My family and friends didn’t care about being blunt when they told me that I was fat, short and not mentally strong enough to take the stress of a normal delivery. I could hear their words over and over again.

5 Reasons You Should Try for a Normal Delivery

A normal delivery has benefits for you and your baby, from helping you recover faster to making your baby resistant to diseases in the future. Read on to see why you should try for a normal delivery.

  1. A normal delivery is safer for your baby

Manisha a first-time mother who recently delivered says “I was surprised when my doctor told me that babies born vaginally have long term benefits like a stronger immune system and lower risks of allergies,

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3 Things You Should Know if Your Wife is Pregnant

“Nothing beats the feeling of being present at the time your child is born. Seeing my wife and our newborn daughter in her arms made me feel immensely proud and happy! I was so glad that I was able to support my wife throughout her pregnancy and labour” Vivek Shah’s words came gushing out when he went to thank their obstetrician.

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5 Easy Tips You Need to Know for a Normal Delivery

Giving birth is one of the most natural experiences a woman can have. But a normal delivery is sometimes perceived to be a risky and unbearably painful experience. Learning about the process is the first step you should take toward preparing for a normal delivery. With today’s sedentary lifestyle and delayed childbearing, having a normal delivery may require active participation on your part.

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Finding the best gynecologist in Delhi

If you’re searching for the best gynecologist in Delhi for delivery, chances are that you have recently become pregnant and don’t have a strong word-of-mouth reference to a doctor. And perhaps that is a good thing, because relying only on friends and family members to select a doctor might not be wise.

I am the chief executive of a non-profit hospital in South Delhi that at one time had many of the city’s “best gynaecologists”.

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Is it Possible to Prepare my Body for Pregnancy?

Geetika Mehta is a 33-year old woman who has been married for a couple of years. A few weeks ago, Geetika came to Sitaram Bhartia to talk about preparing for pregnancy because she and her husband were in the early stages of planning a baby.

“I’ve always been on the heavier side” said Geetika “and diabetes runs in the family.

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Tests During Pregnancy – Which ones and Why?

Gauri Singh, a second-time mother, had been consulting a private gynaecologist in South Delhi but had stopped following up with her. When she came into Sitaram Bhartia for a check-up at 36 weeks, her doctor realised that she had last seen her doctor at 20 weeks and that she had missed a few important tests during pregnancy.