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To work at Sitaram Bhartia is to have a different experience in healthcare. You’ll have the opportunity to do meaningful work, grow your career and build relationships with great people.


  • Leave a positive impact on the patient experience

  • Be surrounded by continuous learning.

  • Work with Integrity

  • Strengthen the Organisation

Sitaram Bhartia’s Work Culture

Continuous learning is a way of life with us and we believe in hiring people who share our values of placing ethical and evidence-based medical practice at the forefront of everything we do.

We work with new hires to develop a set of expectations, assign mentors, and continuously support them as they adjust to their new roles.

We aspire to always put the interests of patients first, treat one another as we would like to be treated ourselves, and support all employees and partners to reach their full potential by continuous learning and improvement.

Multiple opportunities to learn and grow

An ethical environment that places patient care and well-being firsteo.

Continuous support to ensure workplace success

People who want to come to work every day

Why Work at Sitaram Bhartia?

“Go beyond writing prescriptions and conducting procedures”- A message from our Director.

Working at Sitaram Bhartia is synonymous with following evidence-based and ethical medical practice. In other words, our first priority is doing what’s best for our patients. Watch the video below to see if you’re the right fit for us!

Women's Health Educator


  1. To promote and improve a Mother and Child Counselling outpatient service based on the best practices in the field available from RCOG/NICE guidelines. The improvement efforts will be monitored by more mothers opting for these services and their satisfaction levels.
    1. Antenatal counselling of mothers to include – diet, common symptoms of pregnancy, care delivery pattern at SBISR, preparing for vaginal birth, how to maximize your chances of NVD, what is induction and CS etc.
    2. Counselling for new mothers to include- new-born care counselling, lactation counselling, complementary feeding counselling, preventive care of the infant, milestones expectation, injury prevention, autism screening, etc.
  2. To train self and co-workers in the latest guidelines of antenatal care (NICE), post  partum care (NICE) and newborn /infant care (AAP Bright futures).
  3. To establish protocols and SOPs for the proposed counselling structure.
  4. To co-ordinate the delivery of care for admitted and outpatients in antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum period.
  5. To oversee and ensure that each expectant mother and newborn receive the counselling services as envisaged.
  6. To take initiative towards improvement of curriculum, conduct workshop & all other activities for promoting birthing program.
  7. To establish, support and train the team in building of various informational material like training of labour Nurses for labour support.
  8. Overall supervision of lactation support to mothers.
  9. Maintain records & reports related to Women’s Health department.

Qualifications and Experience

Consultant Anaesthesia

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition or Physiotherapy.
  • A minimum experience of 5 years as Educator – Women’ health.
  • BPNI certification.
  • Basic computer literacy.

Excellent Communication skills

Staff Nurse - Intensive Care Unit


  • Evaluate patients’ vital signs and laboratory data to determine emergency intervention needs.
  • Check inventory, ensure that the equipment and other articles are kept in proper place in working condition and report to shift in charge. Identify malfunctioning equipment or devices report to shift in charge
  • Administer blood and blood products, monitoring patients for signs and symptoms related to transfusion reactions.
  • Advocate for patients’ and families’ needs, or provide emotional support for patients and their families.
  • Assist physicians with procedures such as bronchoscopy, endoscopy, endotracheal intubation, and CPR.
  • Keep constant watch on patient and identify any abnormal deviation in the patient’s condition and inform the doctor immediately.
  • Communicate effectively with health team and other support services.
  • Strictly adhere to the infection control policy like hand washing, use of gloves, barrier nursing and sterile technique as required.
  • Dispose waste as per policy.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in nursing or diploma from a Recognized nursing college.
  • An experience of 2-3 years in Medical/ Surgical ICU.
  • Basic life support certification mandatory.
  • Basic computer literacy and good knowledge of a Hospital Information System
  • Mandatory registration with Delhi Nursing Council.

Resident Medical Officer


  1. Provide care to all patients attending casualty – medical/surgical/ ortho and  Medico Legal Cases (MLC) and maintain records.
  2. Attend and provide care to patients  in the Medical and Surgical disciplines  in the wards under the guidance of consultants
  3. Assist in diagnostic/surgical procedures and dressings conducted for the patients.
  4. Maintain daily patient case records, prepare and sign discharge summaries.
  5. Be familiar with ICD coding and use it in discharges.
  6. To be posted on rotation duty as per duty roster.
  7. Handover charge/ takeover charge to incoming/outgoing colleagues respectively.
  8. To attend CME programs and participate in them.

Qualifications and Experience

  • MBBS with a minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in a reputed hospital is required.
  • Mandatory registration with Delhi Medical Council.
  • Excellent Communication skills



  1. Examines and diagnoses disorders and diseases of the digestive system in OPD & IPD.
  2. Perform diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures.
  3. Provide care with current evidence-based guidelines.
  4. Help improve quality and patient safety.
  5. Participate in research based upon opportunity and interest.
  6. Engage in continuing medical education to keep abreast of latest developments and educate peers.

Provide emergency care as required.

Qualifications and Experience

  • DM/DNB (gastroenterology)
  • An experience of 10 years in Gastroenterology is preferred.
  • Hands on experience in latest Gastro equipment and protocol based management is also required.



  1. Diagnose and evaluate patients to determine the extent and nature of kidney disorders or injuries.
  2. Perform maintenance and urgent dialysis using latest modalities in dialysis and prescribe post-transplant maintenance medication.
  3. Manage and treat post renal transplant patients to counteract infections or preclude rejection.
  4. Keep abreast with new developments in dialysis techniques and medication.
  5. Maintain and ensure that relevant patient records are properly updated and filed physically or in a computer database

Qualifications and Experience

  1. MD / DNB Medicine
  2. DM/DNB/  Fellowship in Nephrology with 6-10 years’ experience in an Accredited hospital. Experience in clinical research and exposure to development of new clinical programs a plus.

Attending Consultant - Pediatrics


  • The Attending Consultant will provide consultation to OPD patients and clinical care to IPD and NICU patients of the Institute.
  • Attend all normal deliveries and caesarean sections, conduct presentations at seminars/CMEs and Journal club.
  • Initiate development of new clinical programs.

Qualifications and Experience

  • MD/ DNB in Pediatrics with three years Senior Residency from Delhi Teaching Medical College is required.
  • Interests in audit, research, or educational activities are preferred.
  • Experience in clinical research and exposure to development of new clinical programs a plus.

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Senior Executive – Clinical Recruitment


  • To visit Medical colleges and build up a relationship with faculty and potential candidate to prepare future recruitment needs.
  • Clinical mapping of various specialties.
  • Participates in recruitment strategy presentations as required.
  • Maintains regular communication with Head HR and HR team with regard to overall recruitment needs.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree (life science, marketing, communications or related subject preferred)
  • Excellent Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good knowledge of MS office.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a Medical representative or in Clinical Recruitment, or Marketing, Communications, or related discipline is preferred.

Consultant Anaesthesia


Staff Nurse - Intensive Care Unit

Staff Nurse - Intensive Care Unit

  •  Perform pre-anaesthetic checkup to evaluate the fitness of the patient for a surgery.

  • Administer anaesthesia for different surgeries in the OT, conduct peri-operative monitoring of the patient.

  • Provide post-operative care including pain relief to the patient.

  • Management of patients in the ICU including ventilator management.

  • Attending peripheral calls from the Wards and Casualty. E.g. for I.V. cannulation, CPR, central venous cannulations, etc.

  • Assistance in development of SOP’s/Protocol and smooth functioning of the Department.

  • Participate in CME activities to keep abreast of new development and to highlight accomplishments of the department in the hospital.

  • To complete task as assigned by Director or Medical Director from time to time for improvement of the Organization.

Qualifications and Experience

  • MD/DNB/Diploma in Anaesthesia with ten years experience in a reputed hospital.

  • Hands on experience in latest anaesthesia techniques, equipment and protocol based management.

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with the team.

  • Registered with Delhi Medical Council.

Junior Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynecology


The Junior Consultant will be responsible to provide medical care to IPD, OPD, Labour Room and casualty patients of the Institute.

She will also be assisting diagnostic and surgical procedure on the patients,  conduct presentations at the Birthing program,  CMEs, workshops, Camps etc.

Also will be participating in clinical research as required.

Qualifications and Experience

Educator - Women’s Health

  • MS/MD/ DGO/ DNB in Obstetrics with three years senior residency or equivalent experience in a reputed hospital.
  • Experience in clinical research and exposure to development of new clinical programs is a plus.

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