Preventive Health Check Up

Preventive Health Check Ups

Take care of your health the right way


full body check up

Early Detection

of health-risk factors


towards a healthier lifestyle

Health Management

with timely screenings

Benefits of Preventive Health Care

While it’s never too early to begin living a healthful and active lifestyle, after reaching a certain age, both men and women must schedule full-body checkups to keep a close watch on their health. The food we eat, the lifestyles we lead and our genes exert a significant influence on our overall health, immunity and the development of diseases in our bodies. The purpose of a preventive health check-up is to help develop a more conscious and active life with three main benefits:

  • Early detection & prevention of diseases
  • Much more cost-effective than seeking cure for diseases
  • Motivation for developing a healthier lifestyle

Preventive Health Check Services

PHC plans for men and women differ based on varying health needs and age groups. At Sitaram Bhartia, we offer comprehensive health checkup plans that include Lab Investigations, Radiology Investigations, Cardiac Investigations, Visual and Dental Screenings and Consultations with a range of doctors.

To see which plan is best suited for you or your family members, please download our packages from the links below.

Preventive Health Care Plans (Men)

Preventive Health Care Plans (Women)

Preventive Health Check Up Appointments - Frequently Asked Questions

When does the health check up begin?

Plan to arrive between 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. at the OPD counter. After your registration, our coordinator will help you with the flow of your consultations and tests in a systematic manner. The payment for the checkup can be made at the OPD counter at the time of registration.

How should I prepare for my health care appointment?

  1. Aminimum of ten hours fasting is advisable before the checkup so have your dinner on the previous night,preferably by 09:00 pm.
  2. Drink 2-3 glasses of water before leaving home as this will speed up your ultrasound which needs to bedone once your bladder is full.
  3. Wear athletic or comfortable shoes and clothes to facilitate various tests.
  4. Bring all your medical records and reports if you have been suffering from any ailment. If you’re alreadyregistered as a patient with Sitaram Bhartia, remember to bring your OPD booklet and reports.
  5. If you have diabetes, please do not have your morning dose of insulin or morning tablets before you comefor the checkup. Please carry them along with you and have them before breakfast. If you have any medicines after breakfast, please have them as prescribed.
  6. Please bring your blood pressure or cardiac medicines along on the day of the check up and inform thecoordinator about the medicines you are taking so they can clarify after checking with the doctor if you need to skip any dose.
  7. Bring your first urine and stool samples in the containers provided to you.The sterilized containers for urine and stool samples can either be collected from the hospital or purchased from nearby chemist shops.

What precautions do I need to take?

  1. Do not apply cream or powder on your chest when you come in for your checkup.
  2. Do not wearjewellery or carry excessive amount of cash with you on the day of your checkup.
  3. Keep your mobile phones on silent mode. If possible, try to minimise its use.
  4. Do not smoke on the day of the checkup.
  5. In case you’re pregnant or suspecting pregnancy, inform your coordinator before the checkup.

Do I need to bring breakfast or lunch with me?

No, you do not need to bring food with you. Brunch will be provided at the hospital. 

How long does a full check-up take?

From beginning to end, the entire PHC process can take nearly five hours to complete. We normally advise working professionals to request a day off so they can complete their full checkup without a problem.

Do I have to schedule my report-review on the fourth day?

No, your report-review can be altered to any other day of your choosing.

When can I collect my reports?

After the completion of the checkup the complete summary along with all reports can be collected on the fourth day of the checkup when you will have a review of the reports.

If you require your reports before the fourth day, please inform your coordinator for assistance.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment in two ways.

Through our website: You can click on the “Schedule a Preventive Health Check Up” button, fill out the form and submit it. A customer care representative will get back to you to confirm your details.

On the phone: You can also schedule your appointment by calling
011 42111 111, ext. 236 and speak to a customer care representative.

Please mention your CR number if you are a previously registered patient with Sitaram Bhartia.