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Our Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation seeks to promote and enhance recovery, health and wellness that fit each patient’s needs. We want you to reach your fullest potential and enjoy a high quality life.

1:1 Patient-Therapist Ratio

Individualized Fitness Programs

for all age levels

Highly Trained

on-staff and experienced physiotherapists

Modernized Electrotherapy Equipment

Meet The Team

Dr Aman Sachdeva
Dr. Aman Sachdeva
Consultant Physiotherapist and Head of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy department is headed by Dr. Aman Sachdeva, BPT, MIAP, MDCPOT.

Dr. Sachdeva has garnered 14 years of experience as a physiotherapist and is widely recognized by his colleagues and patients as a competent care provider.

Patient Testimonial

“My daughter, Kohen Sharma aged 10 years met with an accident on 7th December, 2015 and was operated at [Sitaram Bhartia] on the same day by Dr. Mishra. She has undergone 8 surgeries resulting in amputation of her right leg above knee…we are taking her to U.K. for prosthetic limb.

During this horrifying period I found that there is huge gap between doctors in India and abroad in knowledge and honest sincerity. But I find Dr. Aman Sachdeva, the physiotherapist, very sincere, dedicated and having vast knowledge of his field with very kind approach. I went to the UK and met the doctors and physiotherapist and have shown them the videos of my daughter’s physiotherapy.

I am glad to inform you that the teams of all 4 major hospitals appreciated Dr. Aman’s knowledge and exercise skills” –Mr.  Shyam Sunder Sharma, Advocate.

Common Areas of Treatment

Physiotherapy areas treated cropped


Cervical Spondylosis; Cervical Disc Prolapse; Neck Muscle Spasms; Postural Abnormalities

Lower Back

Lower back pain; Prolapse Inter Vertebral Disc (PIVD); Spondylolisthesis; Lumbar Spondylosis; Coccydynia


Osteoarthritis; Ligament Injuries; Meniscus Injuries; Bursitis; Fractures (Tibia Femur)


Frozen Shoulder; Rotator Cuff Injuries; Tendonitis; Bursitis


Golfer’s Elbow; Tennis Elbow; Olecrnon Bursitis


Sprains; Ligament Injuries; Fractures


Osteoarthritis; Trochanteric Bursitis; Fractures

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer fitness programs?

Sitaram Bhartia offers specialised programs for people wanting to manage their physical health, antenatal fitness or lose weight in a guided and disciplined manner.

Talk to us if you’d like to learn more about our fitness programs.

How long is a physiotherapy session?

A typical physiotherapy session can last up to 1 hour. A patient’s condition is assessed by our on-staff therapists and the subsequent treatment is planned under Dr. Aman Sachdeva’s guidance.

How much does a physiotherapy session cost?

Short Therapy Sessions (20 minutes): Rs. 470
Therapeutic Session (approx. 50 minutes): Rs. 750

Video Testimonial

Hear how Rama Khanna feels about her treatment for Frozen Shoulder