Quickening and Baby Movements: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Month

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Aarti Shah, first-time mom-to-be, excitedly awaited the time she would feel her baby’s first movements, also called quickening. She had heard her mother and grandmother vividly describe the fluttering sensation in the abdomen.

“The foetus may start to move around the 7th or 8th week of pregnancy but women may perceive these movements at different times,” says Dr Swati Sinha,

Dengue Symptoms in Hindi

डेंगू के लक्षण और 5 आसान होम – केयर टिप्स

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सामन्य बुखार और डेंगू के लक्षण में अंतर करना लगभग असंभव सा लगता है।

डेंगू  एक viral fever है जो मादा मच्छर के काटने से फैलता है और यह बुखार किसी भी आयुवर्ग को हो सकता है।

मच्छर के काटने के 4-7 दिन बाद डेंगू के लक्षण नज़र आते हैं।

“डेंगू बुखार होने पर रोगी एवं उसके परिवार के सदस्यों को घबराना नहीं चाहिए। नीम-हकीम इलाजों से बचे,


3 Month Pregnancy: Changes in Your Baby and You

Riya Malik, 27, was excited about entering her third month of pregnancy. She had a series of questions lined up to ask the educators and her obstetrician at the hospital.

She wanted to know the changes her baby was going through and the changes she would experience.

She blurted out her questions as soon as she entered her doctor’s room.

What You Need to Know about Gallbladder Polyps

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A gallbladder polyp is a growth protruding from the lining of a gallbladder. Most gallbladder polyps are benign and do not require treatment.

“People with gallbladder polyps don’t display any symptoms, so you may not know about their existence for a long time” explains Dr Amarchand S.

Glucometer: 3 Solid Reasons You Should Invest in It

The glucometer is a convenient way to measure the glucose levels in your blood. Jahanvi, 12 years-old with type 1 diabetes, is already adept at handling her glucometer.

“Adjusting to the daily glucose testing was hard at first, but it’s a better alternative than going to the lab repeatedly,” she says.

What is the use of a glucometer?