Allergic Rhinitis in Children: Triggers and Treatment

Amyra Patel, 3 years old, had multiple bouts of sneezing and a runny nose every morning since she started playschool three months ago. She often had a blocked nose and her mother found her snoring 3-4 nights in a week. Amyra’s teacher also noted that the child appeared drowsy in class and uninterested in activities that she would otherwise enjoy. 

genital tuberculosis bacteria

Genital Tuberculosis: What It Means For You

Genital tuberculosis caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria in women is rampant across the country.

According to an ICMR study, the prevalence of female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) increased from 19% in 2011 to 30% in 2015. 

“Most of the time, the bacteria remains latent in the body and flares up only when the  immunity is low,” says Dr.

Climbing Stairs During Pregnancy: Almost Every Mother-in-Law’s Concern

Purvi Agarwal had recently entered her third trimester. One Sunday as she was making her way up to the terrace of her building, her mother-in-law came and stopped her. 

“She told me to take the elevator instead of climbing stairs during pregnancy!” said an amused Purvi. 

“I didn’t want to upset her and so I complied and took the elevator up.”

“I know the older generation is set in their ways,

Is Mango During Pregnancy Allowed?

Mehak Jindal, 20 weeks pregnant, was overjoyed when mangoes were finally in season. One fine Sunday, she was about to dig into a bowl of cut fresh, ripe and juicy mango, when her mother-in-law jumped in and stopped her.

“I was taken aback and quite disappointed because I love mangoes! But my mother-in-law explained that mangoes generate heat in the body and are not recommended during pregnancy,” said Mehak.

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How an Anomaly Scan Helps & Why You Need It

An anomaly scan also known as a Level 2 ultrasound  or 20 week scan is routinely done for all expecting women between 18-20 weeks. 

Why is an anomaly scan done?


An anomaly scan is an ultrasound done to assess the physical development of the fetus and to check the presence of malformations in the growing fetus.