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Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get care at Sitaram Bhartia if I suspect I have Cornavirus?

Yes, we are treating all patients suspected to have Coronavirus. You can come straight to the hospital or book a telemedicine video consultation with our medicine specialists.

What specialties are available for telemedicine video consultations?

We are currently offering telemedicine video consultations for selected specialities such as:

  • Endocrinology
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Super Specialities

All telemedicine consultations include a free follow-up in-hospital consultation if needed. For details regarding telemedicine, please visit this page.

Can I get an urgent OPD appointment?

We encourage you to book a telemedicine video consultation with our specialists who will provide a free in-person consultation at the hospital if needed. We are providing telemedicine video consultations for general medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, endocrinology, surgery, orthopaedics and pediatric super specialties.

Can I get Emergency care at Sitaram Bhartia?

Yes. If you have a medical emergency of any kind, please go straight to our Emergency department. You may call us at 011 4290 9090 for any queries. You can also visit our Emergency section for more information.

Do you have an ambulance?

Yes. Our ambulance is equipped with adult and neonatal advanced life support. Please call us at 011 4290 9090 for any queries. You can visit our Emergency section for more information.

Should I come to the hospital for my routine antenatal appointment?

We are postponing most antenatal appointments other than for women who are close to term (>37 weeks pregnancy) or are in pain. Please call 011 4211 1111 to speak with one of our consultants who will advise if a visit to the hospital is required.

Will I be safe in the hospital?

Yes. We have taken several measures to keep you safe in the hospital. These include:

  • Screening patients with fever and respiratory symptoms and referring those with history or symptoms suggestive of coronavirus to designated hospitals in Delhi.
  • Treating patients with flu like symptoms in a ‘flu corner’ which is a separate area in the hospital.
  • Conducting pre-shift and pre-entry screenings for all employees
  • Ensuring a distance of 1 meter between patients in the waiting area and in queues
  • Using disinfectant to sanitize OPD rooms and equipment every 2 hours
  • Wearing masks and other protective gear
  • Providing hand sanitizers throughout the hospital to encourage hand hygiene
  • Creating 10 isolation rooms for patients with respiratory illness
  • Daily training to ensure preparedness of all staff
  • Providing sick leave to any staff member with signs of infection
  • Allowing no visitors in the premises

Can I get my child vaccinated if the vaccination is due?

We are deferring all routine vaccinations till after the lockdown. In case there is any urgency regarding the same, please consult your doctor through a video consultation.

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