Our staff gynaecologists deliver over 500 babies every year!

Pregnancy and maternity care at Sitaram Bhartia is led by Dr. Rinku Sengupta, a gynaecologist with over 22 years of experience. Under her leadership, we have developed a team with some of the best gynaecologists in Delhi who are pursuing the goal of normalising birth, reducing unnecessary interventions and transparently sharing our cesarean section rates. 

There is a great emphasis on teamwork among the gynaecologists and nurses. The gynaecologists are also moving towards a group practice model to ensure that every woman receives focused, unhurried care, by a rested and alert consultant.  Through group practice we hope to minimise situations where a woman may be in labour while the doctor responsible for her care is busy in the outpatient clinic, operation theatre or social engagement, or have to care for her after being up the previous night!

The Gynaecology Team

Dr. Rinku Sengupta

Dr. Payal Chaudhary

Dr. Anita Sabherwal

Dr. Priti Arora Dhamija

Dr. Swati Sinha

The gynaecologists in our maternity program are employed full-time with Sitaram Bhartia and have no financial targets to meet which ensures that each patient receives complete attention and is able to have all their questions answered.

We also limit the appointments for our consultants to ensure shorter waiting times in the outpatient clinics. We’re happy to say that each step of the maternity journey at Sitaram Bhartia is meticulously planned to ensure holistic care and a positive birth experience for everyone who chooses us.

We look forward to getting you started with your own journey on a happy note. Give us a call at 9599 666453 or request a call back from us.