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Normal & Cesarean Delivery Charges

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. New parents often describe the moment they first see their infants arrive as ‘magical’ or ‘breathtaking’. At Sitaram Bhartia, we make every effort to ensure your birth experience is as memorable as you imagine it to be.

As a hospital, we strongly believe that birth is a normal physiological phenomenon and make every effort to help a woman have a normal delivery. All first-time mothers receive one-to-one support throughout labour by a nurse skilled in midwifery. We encourage husbands or other birth partners to be present in the labour room for emotionally and physically supporting the labouring mother.

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A consultant gynecologist is always present in the labour room to promptly take action in case of any abnormality. Our 24-hour functional operating theatre, onsite pediatrician and fully equipped neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) ensure the highest levels of safety for the mother and the baby.

We pay particular attention to early bonding of the parents with the baby – by placing the baby on the mother’s body immediately after birth, encouraging the husband to be present during birth, and beginning breastfeeding within the first hour of birth.

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Charges for Normal and Cesarean Section Delivery

We encourage expecting parents to consider several aspects when choosing a healthcare provider. Ask yourself whether the hospital

  • is equipped to give you the best possible chance of a normal delivery, as illustrated through their normal delivery and cesarean rates
  • puts you and your baby first, by complying with international guidelines
  • has 24/7 availability of a senior gynecologist dedicated for the labour room so that you get undivided and unhurried care (no conflict with her clinic or operating theatre schedule)
  • has nurses trained in midwifery to help you exercise and support you throughout labour
  • has a qualified pediatrician on the premises round the clock
  • The delivery charges for a normal delivery and cesarean maybe dependent on whether this your first baby, the mode of your previous delivery and a low or high risk pregnancy. The rates may also differ depending on TPA, insurance or corporate tie ups.

See the complete list of Corporate tie ups and TPA available.

Please feel free to enquire about our delivery charges from our Care Manager by clicking the WhatsApp button below.

If you are registered patent, please call us on 011 4211 1111.

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It has been a privilege to have her as my gynaecologist leading up to the delivery of my baby. She is systematic in her approach and supportive in her interactions, reassuring and gentle as she guides you through your first time pregnancy. Her recommendations had a huge impact on my pregnancy and childbirth experience, including her asking me to go for water birth to ease pressure on my back. Would really recommend Sitaram Bhartia in general and Dr. Priti in specific. Thank you, Doctor!

– Sumangali Radhakrishnan Nair

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