Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj

Dr Kusum - SBISR

Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj

Obstetrician – Gynecologist

Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj

Dr. Kusum is a renowned Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon, with experience in PGI Chandigarh, AIIMS New Delhi & PGIMS Rohtak.

She completed her post-graduation (MD) in Obstetrics & Gynecology from prestigious apex institute PGIMER, Chandigarh. She has been trained from All India Institute of Medical Science and served as a consultant in AIIMS, New Delhi and treated many women with every kind of gynecological problem. She has also served as a faculty in PGIMS Rohtak.

She is experienced in managing high-risk cases in Obstetrics and Gynecology, infertility and adolescent health issues.

Her exceptional skills and training in laparoscopy makes her one of the best laparoscopic surgeons in India. She has previously worked as a consultant in Max Saket and Paras Hospitals and has excelled in all spheres of women’s health.

Degree: MBBS Panjab University, Chandigarh (2008); MD Panjab University, PGIMER, Chandigarh (2012); DNB National Board of Examinations (2013)

Experience: 10+ years

Specializations include:

  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Endometriosis surgery
  • Laparoscopic myomectomy
  • Laparoscopic encerclage for incompetent cervix
  • Hysteroscopic surgeries for infertility
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding

OPD Timings

Monday: 01:00 pm – 04:30 pm
Tuesday: 09:00 am – 11:00 am
Wednesday: 01:00 pm – 04:00 pm
Thursday: 05:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Saturday: 09:00 am – 12:30 pm

Consultation Fees
Rs. 1400

For appointments, please call 011 4211 1111.


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Publications (In Non- Indexed Journals)

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International Awards:

Won Best paper award in CUPART New Delhi in 2013 and awarded observer ship in Royal Victoria, McGill University Montreal, Canada, 2013.

National & Local Awards:

  1. Won Second prize in National Conference of Indian Menopause Society in Faridabad, Feb 2012.
  2. Won” Dr. U.P.Jha & Balkram Davan Gold Medal” for best paper in Gyne oncology at AOGD Conference held in New Delhi Sept 2013.
  3. Won “ Kuldeep Jain –BSVL” award for the best paper in IVF in National Conference of Indian Fertility Society held in New Delhi, Dec 2013.
  4. Won Third prize among ART category for paper presentation in FENIX 2015 at AIIMS.
  5. Participated in WHI( Women Health Initiative Training Program) on Gynecological Endoscopy in Oct 2013, AIIMS ,New Delhi.
  6. Won Gem award for excellent academic inputs in Max Superspeciality Hospital Saket, New Delhi
  7. Completed Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER) Family Planning: An Online Evidence-based Course 2021.
  8. Presented E poster on Hysteroscopic Mechanical Morcellation of Submucous Fibroid: an Alternative to electrosurgical approach in Virtual conference of FERTIVISION 2020
  9. Presented Oral e abstract in FIGO 2021, Australia.
  10. Participated in the Pilot training for Interns for the undergraduate medical curriculum in context of comprehensive abortion care as a part of WHO CC –AIIMS activity
  11. Presented a paper on Laparoscopic management of isthmocele for restoration of fertility in conference Indian Fertility Society 7/12/2019, Delhi
  12. Lifetime member of FOGSI and Indian Fertility Society & AAGL