Telemedicine | Video Consultations

Telemedicine at Sitaram Bhartia

Telemedicine Services Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to encourage social distancing, Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research is introducing video consultations with our doctors.

Don't step out. Stay in.

Not feeling well and need an opinion?

Schedule a video consult in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Call 011 4211 1111

Our coordinator will understand your needs and let you know the available time slots for the concerned speciality.

Step 2: Pay Online

After you have spoken to our coordinators and scheduled an appointment, you will receive an SMS from Sitaram Bhartia with a link for payment.

Upon clicking, you will be taken to the payments page where the options will be displayed in this sequence:

  1. Credit card
  2. Debit card
  3. Net banking

Please select the desired option.

If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, please be very careful while filling in the number.  If the entered card number is not correct, you will not be able to proceed further and will get the message “Invalid card number”.

Please note:

  • The payment link will expire after 2 hours of receiving the message in case of same day appointments.
  • For advance bookings, the link will be sent after 4 pm a day prior to the appointment and will remain active till 9 am of next day (the appointment day).
  • In case of payment via credit/debit card, please use a card that has previously been used for online transactions as per RBI guidelines.

We request you to follow the link soon after receiving the SMS. Once expired, the link will not work.

In the absence of payment, your appointment will stand cancelled. You are requested to re-book the appointment in such a case.

In case of any queries, please call 011-42111111.

Consultants Available for Telemedicine Video Consultations


  • Dr. Hemlata Tiwari


  • Dr. Bindiya Bansal Unit


  • Dr. Anil Kumar Malik
  • Dr. Mankul Goyal


  • Dr. A.S. Lata
  • Dr Silviya Irene


  • Dr. Anup Sabherwal
  • Dr. Darshana Singh
  • Dr. (Maj.) R K Bhardwaj


  • Dr. (Col.) S K Thakur
  • Dr. Nivedita Pandey

General Medicine

  • Dr. Kartikeya Kohli
  • Dr. Mayank Uppal

General Surgery/ Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Dr. Amarchand Bajaj
  • Dr. Anurag Dhawan
  • Dr. Asif Umar Bhat
  • Dr. M C Mishra


  • Dr. Vikram Kalra

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Dr. Anita Sabherwal
  • Dr. Nikita Kumari
  • Dr. Panchampreet Kaur
  • Dr. Priti Arora Dhamija
  • Dr. Rita Arun Mhaskar
  • Dr. V L Bhargava
  • Dr. Reva Tripathi


  • Dr. Ajay Munjal
  • Dr. Deepa Kapoot
  • Dr. Gagan Mishra
  • Dr. Lopamudra Das
  • Dr. Shahana Mazumdar
  • Dr. Umesh Bareja


  • Dr. B K Dhaon
  • Dr. J Maheshwari
  • Dr. J P Manocha
  • Dr. Manish Dalwani
  • Dr. Suraj Prakash
  • Dr. Vikas Jagdishlal Seth
  • Dr. Vikram Arun Mhaskar


  • Dr. Anirban Mandal
  • Dr. Jitender Nagpal
  • Dr. Neha Joshi
  • Dr. Prashant Tyagi
  • Dr. Sangeeta Verma

Video consultations with the Child Health Educators are also available.

Pediatric Super Specialities

  • Dr. Amieleena Chhabra (Pediatric Rheumatologist)
  • Dr. Anand Sinha (Pediatric Surgeon)
  • Dr. Anunaya Katiyar (Pediatric Nephrologist)
  • Dr. D.K. Mitra (Pediatric Surgeon)
  • Dr. Gourav Jandial (Pediatric Orthopedist)
  • Dr. Manu Agarwal ( Pediatric Endocrinologist)
  • Dr. Nidhi Rawal (Pediatric Gastroenterologist)
  • Dr. Pramit Rastogi (Pediatric Psychiatrist)
  • Dr. P Srinivas Rao (Pediatric Surgeon )
  • Dr. Rafat Trivedi (Pediatric Neurologist)
  • Dr. Rasheena Bansal (Pediatric Ophthalmologist)
  • Dr. Ritika Goyal (Pediatric Pulmonologist)


  • Dr. Aman Sachdeva
  • Dr. Poonam Mehrotra


  • Dr. Govind Singh Bisht


  • Dr. Alok Sarin

Pulmonary, Critical Care And Sleep Medicine

  • Dr. J C Suri
  • Dr. Ayush Gupta


  • Dr. Sajal Ajmani

Telemedicine video consultations are also available with our dietician.

Please note:

  1. Telemedicine or video consultations are offered at this time because of the Covid-19 pandemic wherein patients are not encouraged to visit the hospital unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Any consultation done online either through audio, video or text cannot replace an in-person consultation wherein the doctor does a physical examination. 
  3. It is recommended to confirm the diagnosis and prescribed treatment when you are able to visit the hospital. If your symptoms do not improve, please visit the nearest emergency room.
  4. By scheduling a video teleconsultation, you not only give your consent but also agree and understand that any consultant or technical personnel involved in the set-up either directly or indirectly shall not be held responsible in the event that there is an error in diagnosis or treatment because of any unforeseen technical issues.
  5. Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research and/or its doctors shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the video consultation/telemedicine as it cannot replace a physical examination.Though every effort will be made to ensure there are no operational inefficiencies, however, unforeseen events may occur in the current unpredictable circumstances. By accepting the video consultation/telemedicine, you are giving your consent and have understood the limitations involved in telemedicine.