Preparing for Labour: What you can expect at Sitaram Bhartia

As soon as you get to 36 weeks, you’ll need to start preparing for labour and delivery. If you’ve attended our antenatal classes, you’ll know what you need to pack in your hospital bag and how to recognise the signs of labour.

Before the big day comes around, it’s important to know a few key things like how far away the parking is from the hospital entrance and the hospital’s admission procedures.

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If you’re delivering at Sitaram Bhartia, your birthing partner can drive into our campus and drop you off at the Emergency entrance, regardless of the time you come in and parking spaces are available outside the hospital premises.

Once you’re inside the hospital, we’ll be here to get you settled and comfortable right away.

Step 1: Arrival at the Hospital

As soon as you arrive at Sitaram Bhartia, you can head straight to the Labour and Delivery Room (LDR) located on the first floor.

You can take the stairs in the lobby, the elevator next to the Emergency ward or request a wheelchair service to help you get there.

At this stage, you or your partner don’t need to worry about completing any forms or making any payments.

If you have trouble finding your way or if you have any questions, please reach out to our staff. You’ll find plenty of people willing and available to help you at any point.

Step 2: Medical Examination in the Pre-Labour Area

You will first be attended to in our pre-labour area. As soon as you come in, the LDR staff will conduct a routine examination to check your blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

They may also non-stress test to check your baby’s well-being. If you’re ready to be admitted, you’ll be moved from the pre-labour area to the labour room. If you’re still in early labour, you may be asked to return home unless you live quite far away.

Step 3: Admission for Labour and Delivery

Once the doctor has approved your admission, the LDR nurse will assist you with changing into your hospital gown, and you’ll be there for the duration of your labour unless you need a caesarean.

Our labour rooms are fully equipped spaces where the LDR staff assists you with exercises and pain management. The staff also continuously monitors your progress in labour and in case your consultant isn’t available, the attending doctor in the LDR will stay in touch with them constantly.

While you’re settling in for your delivery, we will ask your birthing partner to complete the registration formalities.

Step 4: Registration

Once the doctor in the LDR confirms you’re in labour, your attendant will be asked to complete all official formalities related to your admission.

Medical Insurance: Process and Paperwork

If you’re using medical insurance/TPA, our staff will ask you to submit your pre-authorization letter a few days ahead of your Estimated Due Date (EDD). But don’t panic if the letter has expired or you haven’t been able to submit it ahead of time.

We’ll communicate with your TPA on your behalf and request a fresh pre-authorization letter if we need to.

Meanwhile, please make sure you come with the following documents:

  • OPD booklet
  • Medical records
  • You latest ultrasound reports
  • A valid photo ID
  • TPA card

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to give birth at Sitaram Bhartia, so all you have to worry about it your baby’s safe delivery; we take care of everything else.  

Seek expert advice from our expert gynaecologists. Come in for an in-person consultation at our hospital in South Delhi. Please call on +91 9871001458 to schedule a consultation with our Maternity Team.

Leave a comment below if you’d like to schedule a tour of our facilities. We’ll be happy to guide you!