Private Hospital Caesarean Rates in India: Health Providers Perspective on Why They Are High

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The epidemic of cesarean sections in private hospitals of urban India has recently been getting increased attention. Doctors and hospitals have been accused of doing cesareans for financial gains. There has been a demand for requiring hospitals to display their cesarean rates3and one politician has called for ‘naming and shaming’ doctors who conduct cesareans only for money.

7 month pregnancy

Entering Your Third Trimester? Know More About Your 7 Month Pregnancy To Be Better Prepared

As Janhavi (30) entered Sitaram Bhartia Hospital for her first ultrasound in the third trimester, she went through all the questions she intended to ask Dr. Payal Chaudhary, Consultant Obstetrician at Sitaram Bhartia about her 7 month pregnancy.

As soon as she settled down after her ultrasound, Janhavi started off with her queries without delay.

8 Month Pregnancy Care in Hindi: गर्भावस्था के आंठवे महीने में रखें इन चीज़ों का ख्याल

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30 वर्ष की दिव्या का यह पहला बच्चा था और वह चाहती थी की वह हर उचित उपचार अपनाये | इसीलिए आंठवा महीना होते ही वह अपने और अपने शिशु के देखभाल (8 month pregnancy care in hindi) के लिए सीताराम भरतिया आयी |

दिव्या की पूरी तरह जाँच करने पर पता चला की उसका और उसका शिशु एकदम स्वस्थ थे |