7 month pregnancy

Entering Your Third Trimester? Know More About Your 7 Month Pregnancy To Be Better Prepared

As Janhavi (30) entered Sitaram Bhartia Hospital for her first ultrasound in the third trimester, she went through all the questions she intended to ask Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu, Consultant Obstetrician at Sitaram Bhartia about her 7 month pregnancy.

As soon as she settled down after her ultrasound, Janhavi started off with her queries without delay.

She wanted to know what changes she can expect in her baby and her body in 7 month pregnancy.

Here are some key takeaways for you:

Physical changes in your body in 7 month pregnancy

“Entering the third trimester can be a little overwhelming and there are certain changes you will witness in your body. But you should take these changes positively,” Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu remarked.

These changes can be:

Growing size of the baby bump: You will observe that the size of your tummy has increased in size by a significant amount and if your bump wasn’t showing till now, it will start showing. You may no longer find it easy to bend down or stand for too long.

This reminded Janhavi of the constant back pain she was experiencing for the past few days.

Back Pain: “As your baby increases in size, it makes your abdomen heavier and puts pressure on your back causing frequent back pains. Strengthening your back by exercising from the start of pregnancy under expert supervision is advisable,” advised Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu.

Janhavi also asked her doctor about the constant urge to pee.

Baby’s development in the 7 month pregnancy period

This is the final stage of the baby’s growth. Most of his organs are fully developed by now.

Janhavi asked the doctor about the movement she saw during her ultrasound a while ago.

Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu explained, “In the 7th month of pregnancy, many babies start exploring their bodies by small actions like grasping their toes or sucking their thumbs.”

7 month pregnancy care tips

“There is no special precaution that you need to take in your 7 month pregnancy if there aren’t any complications. It purely depends on how your pregnancy is progressing,” emphasized Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu.

There are certain things of course which you can keep in mind during this period:

Keep fit with stretches and yoga: You should continue to exercise the way your physiotherapist has taught you. You can also do basic stretches or yoga as it will help you stay in shape and also help in natural birthing process.

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“Simple breathing exercises can be done to get relief from breathlessness. Also, you can opt for pelvic and kegel exercises to strengthen your muscles which help in a normal delivery,” suggested Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu.

Janhavi was thankful that she had been dedicated towards her exercise regime and never missed a session. She was positive that she would have a healthy delivery because of her routine.

Eat Right to avoid excessive weight gain: You should eat small meals frequently. Make sure your main meals contain sufficient amounts of dairy, lean proteins, whole grains and fruits and vegetables.“

Still unsure of what to eat? Plan out your Pregnancy Diet with our sample charts!

Prepare for labour with Antenatal classes: It is helpful to attend antenatal classes during this time so you can get acquainted with the process of labour and learn about the do’s and don’ts during delivery.

It is also wise to learn about breastfeeding and handling a newborn in advance so that you are prepared for the arrival of your little one.

Janhavi was glad she and her husband had already enrolled  in the Labour and Delivery Class organized by Sitaram Bhartia.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu

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