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5 Misconceptions Around New-born Baby Feeding

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“Nursing mothers especially, first-time mothers, usually have many concerns regarding baby feeding, which is why we encourage them to attend our Infancy Care Class” says Nupur Sah, Certified Lactation Counselor and Child Health Educator at Sitaram Bhartia.

Listed below are few queries often asked in our Infancy Care class,


5 Questions Every Mother Asks About Breastfeeding

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Like many new mothers, Jhanavi Singh, had many concerns about breastfeeding her newborn son. In a consultation with our a Certified Lactation Counsellor, she asked some questions that were on her mind.

1. How often should I breastfeed my baby?

“The usual feeding pattern in babies takes place in phases” says Suhani Grover,

Dengue Treatment at Home: 5 Tips for Your Child

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Your pediatrician will advise the course of treatment based on the severity of Dengue and the stage of illness. For most children, dengue treatment at home is possible.

“Unlike some infections, there are no medications or cure for dengue. Dengue can only be managed by vigilant care,

Notice Dengue Symptoms in Your Child? Here’s What to Do

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Dengue symptoms in your child can be difficult to read.

Dr Neha Joshi, Consultant, Pediatrics at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital says, “As dengue symptoms in children are similar to those in less severe fever infections, it can be difficult to differentiate between them without a blood test”

“Your child may not be able to express or verbalize their complaints.