Hypertension in Hindi: समय से निदान में न करें देर

जब 38 वर्ष के इमरान अली के पहली बार अचानक नाक से खून बहाने लगा तो उन्होंने उसको मामुली बात  समझ कर नज़रअंदाज़ किया। लेकिन फिर कुछ दिनों बाद उन्हें सर में भारिपन महसूस होने लगा,   उनके नाक से खून निकला और उनको ढुंढला सा दिखने लगा । ऐसे स्तिथि में वह दक्षिण दिल्ली के सीताराम भारतिया इंस्टीटूट ऑफ़ साइंस एंड रिसर्च  के अपातकालीन में पहुँचे।  

Allergic Rhinitis in Children: Triggers and Treatment

Amyra Patel, 3 years old, had multiple bouts of sneezing and a runny nose every morning since she started playschool three months ago. She often had a blocked nose and her mother found her snoring 3-4 nights in a week. Amyra’s teacher also noted that the child appeared drowsy in class and uninterested in activities that she would otherwise enjoy. 

genital tuberculosis bacteria

Genital Tuberculosis: What It Means For You

Genital tuberculosis caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria in women is rampant across the country.

According to an ICMR study, the prevalence of female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) increased from 19% in 2011 to 30% in 2015. 

“Most of the time, the bacteria remains latent in the body and flares up only when the  immunity is low,” says Dr.