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dr manish dalwani

Dr. Manish Dalwani

Senior Consultant, Orthopedics

Dr. Manish Dalwani

Dr Manish Dalwani is a well acknowledged and trusted senior orthopedic surgeon, who has been trained in knee replacement at Clinique du Centre, Bois, Gulliame, France and has trained in shoulder arthroscopy and sports medicine at University Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. He has more than 18 years of experience in treating pediatric deformities including some common diseases like Rickets, Clubfoot, Congenital dislocation and such.

Degree: MBBS, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune (1997), DNB (Orthopedic Surgery), St. Stephen’s Hospital (2005)

Experience: 18 years

Specializations include:

  • Joint Replacement surgery (hip, knee, shoulder)
  • Knee arthroscopy surgeries (ACL/PCL reconstruction, meniscal injuries)
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Pediatric Orthopedic surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Spine procedures

OPD Timings
Monday- Saturday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Consultation Fees:
₹ 1000

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ACL Reconstruction In Hindi – क्या सर्जरी से ठीक हो सकती है ACL Tear ?

खेल के दौरान पैरों और घुटनों पर चोट लगना एक साधारण बात है | परन्तु जब कोई गंभीर चोट लग जाती है तो उसको अक्सर सर्जरी से आसानी से ठीक किया जा सकता है | इनमे से एक चोट है एसीएल लिगामेंट का टूट जाना जिसे कई स्तिथियों में ACL reconstruction (in hindi) सर्जरी से ठीक किया जा सकता है |

चिराग मेहता,

Knee Replacement In Hindi – घुटनों के दर्द से पाइए लम्बे समय तक राहत

घुटनों का रिप्लेसमेंट (knee replacement in hindi) भले ही एक आम सर्जरी है परन्तु किसी के भी लिए यह एहम कदम उठाना कठिन होता है | उनके मन में हज़ारों सवाल उठते हैं जिससे उन्हें ऑपरेशन कराने में हिचकिचाहट होती है |

किसी ऐसी ही दुविधा में थे 70 साल के बुज़ुर्ग श्री.

Nerve Root Block – Get Relief From Persistent Back Pain Without Surgery

Mr. Hemant Bajaj, a 45 year old IT professional, had been suffering from severe back ache, with the pain radiating to his left leg, for almost a year. He grew worried when even after many rounds of medication his condition failed to improve.

The doctor he previously consulted suggested a spinal surgery but Hemant was unwilling to take the big step.

5 Misconceptions Around Knee Replacement

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