Maternity Program

An Empowered Woman Can Have a Fulfilling Birth

What is the Maternity Program at Sitaram Bhartia?

Birth is a normal physiological process that should be a fulfilling and empowering experience for the family. Instead it has become medicalised and surrounded by fear and misinformation. Because of these reasons, caesarean-section rates reach 60-75% across private hospitals of some states in India.

As a non-profit organisation, Sitaram Bhartia has adopted a mission of helping reverse the caesarean epidemic by becoming an exemplary care provider, an idea that led to the creation of our maternity program.

Through our unit of full-time salaried gynaecologists, we have been working for the last 15+ years to reduce unnecessary medical interventions and provide care that can help every family have a positive birth experience.

The Maternity Program at Sitaram Bhartia provides comprehensive care for pregnant women and their families and has been designed to empower women and their families into making the healthiest and safest choices for their pregnancy and delivery.

Your maternity care begins when you start thinking about conceiving and continues long after your baby’s delivery. At Sitaram Bhartia, you will be supported by an in-house team of Gynaecologists who will be around to guide and support you at each step of your pregnancy. Our antenatal classes will prepare you for your pregnancy, labour and delivery and our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

What Does the Maternity Program Offer?

The Maternity Program at Sitaram Bhartia offers a unique space for expecting couples to feel heard, to be well-educated about pregnancy, delivery and child care and feel assured about receiving safe and reliable maternal care.

Some of the features of the maternity program are listed below:

One of the Lowest Caesarean Rates in Delhi's Private Sector
Experienced and highly qualified gynaecologists to provide unhurried consultations
Antenatal support from physiotherapists and women’s health educators
A highly trained team of labour room nurses
No interventions or investigations unless medically indicated
24-hour onsite specialty doctors for your safety

We invite all prospective couples to visit Sitaram Bhartia where you can attend a complimentary antenatal class, take a tour of our facilities or sit with our client servicing team to better understand our procedures for pregnancy, labour and delivery.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have.