5 month pregnancy

Noteworthy Health-care Tips During 5 Month Pregnancy!

Neela Jain, 29, was a few days into her 5 month pregnancy when she decided to seek advice from our doctors.

“I wanted to provide the best care for my child and I needed to be equipped with the right information for that,” said Neela.

Here are some pointers she was given regarding her and her infant’s well-being –

How is the baby in 5 month pregnancy?

Neela’s first question during the consultation was about her baby’s health.

In 5 month pregnancy, your infant’s growth is monitored with periodic checkups and ultrasounds.

“We check the 5 month pregnant fetus’ health with an important level 2 ultrasound that looks for any kind of structural anomalies in the baby,” answered Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu, Consultant Obstetrician at Sitaram Bhartia.

Also called the anomaly scan, it is a more detailed scan done between 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy when the baby is fully formed and their organs are developed.

“If there are any anomalies, malformations or indications of chromosomal errors like Down’s, Edward’s or Patau syndrome in the baby, the anomaly scan picks those up as well.”

In your 5 month pregnancy, baby weight is only between 250-300 gms.

Antenatal Care Tips to Keep in Mind

Neela wanted to know how to take care of her self during her 5 month pregnancy as well –

  • Taking proper supplements

“Generally around this time, mothers are encouraged to start taking their second trimester supplements.”

Supplements such as iron (for prevention of anemia during pregnancy) and calcium supplements are usually recommended to mothers who haven’t started them earlier.

  • Adjusting to hormonal changes

While symptoms like nausea and aversion to food subside in 5 month pregnancy, hormonal changes in your body prevail.

Neela found out that in addition to discomfort in her breasts, she might also start experiencing some discharge from her nipples as her body prepares for lactation after delivery.

  • Experiencing baby movements

Neela was delighted to hear that in her 5th month of pregnancy, baby movements like slight rolls or a fluttering sensation maybe felt.

“First-time mothers experience this feeling around 18 weeks but second-time mothers  can sense movement two weeks earlier!”

  • Enjoying the honeymoon period

“The second trimester is considered the good phase of pregnancy for pregnant mothers so travelling isn’t uncomfortable in this time.”

Bringing improvements in your pregnancy diet becomes easier as your appetite returns by 5 month pregnancy.

Include lean proteins like lentils and eggs, whole grains like brown rice and wheat bread, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consult your dietician for a diet chart appropriate for you.

As long as not advised otherwise by your doctor, light exercise or travel is alright during 5 month pregnancy.

  • Monitoring glucose levels

Neela was warned that pregnant mothers can develop a tendency towards gestational diabetes during 5 month pregnancy.

“We generally look for indications using tests like HbA1c, or the glucose tolerance test (GTT), as well as keep track of TSH levels (thyroid). Dietary and lifestyle changes are then made accordingly.”

Consult your dietician for the meal plan changes suited as per your needs.

Neela felt more confident after the consultation, and was ready to take better care of her baby’s health with these easy tips!

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu

MBBS, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India (2005) DNB, National Board of Examinations (2012), ­­­­MRCOG (Part One), Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2015), Diploma in Gynecological Laproscopy, Hysteroscopy and Urogynecology, Kiehls school, Germany (2019)

Experience: 10+ years

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