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Important Update

In accordance with the latest government guidelines, we have reserved 20% of our beds for COVID-19 positive patients at a specifically modified isolation unit.

We are prepared to treat COVID-19 patients with specialised clinical expertise and infrastructure such as the

  • Creation of Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms (AIIR)
  • Allocation of dedicated staff who work only in the isolation wards
  • Training of all doctors, nurses and housekeeping staff on proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and care of patients

We are neither permitting visitors for any patients not allowing any attendants for COVID positive patients.

We are also following the most stringent infection control practices to protect the rest of our patients by

  • Ensuring frequent hand sanitization, social distancing, wearing masks
  • Mandatorily screening all patients before entry; allowing only those with a green token to enter the OPD area
  • Treating all patients with flu-like symptoms  in a separate area called ‘Flu Corner’
  • Regularly disinfecting all high contact areas, OPD chambers and waiting areas
  • Screening all hospital staff for flu-like symptoms before every shift

To reduce waiting time at the screening area,  we request you to fill in a self-declaration form for yourself (the patient) and the attendant (if any) and carry a printout of the same during your hospital visit.

Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get care at Sitaram Bhartia if I suspect I have Coronavirus?

When you visit the hospital, you will be screened for any flu-like illness. If any flu like symptoms are detected, you will be treated in a separate area called ‘Flu corner’. The physician on call may advise a COVID-19 test if necessary. If the results are positive, you may be advised home-isolation/ admission based on the severity of symptoms.

Is it safe to visit the hospital?

Yes. We have taken all recommended measures to keep you safe from Coronavirus in the hospital.

You should not delay seeking care for an urgent health condition as it could lead to unnecessary complications. In certain cases, it may be sufficient for you to take a telemedicine video consultation that comes with a free in-hospital visit if required.

The following steps have been taken to keep you safe during your hospital visit:

  • All patients are mandatorily screened before entering the hospital.
  • Only those patients who have received a green token at screening will be allowed to enter the OPD area.
  • Patients who have flu-like symptoms are receiving all required care in a segregated area of the hospital.
  • All OPD chambers and waiting areas are being regularly sanitised.
  • All hospital staff are screened for flu-like symptoms before every shift.

Please be assured that all COVID positive patients are being treated in an isolation ward, which is being tended to by dedicated staff.

Can I get Emergency care at Sitaram Bhartia?

Yes. If you have a medical emergency of any kind, please go straight to our Emergency department. You may call us at 011 4290 9090 for any queries. You can also visit our Emergency section for more information.

Do you have an ambulance?

Yes. Our ambulance is equipped with adult and neonatal advanced life support. Please call us at 011 4290 9090 for any queries. You can visit our Emergency section for more information.

What specialties are available for telemedicine video consultations?

We are currently offering telemedicine video consultations for specialities such as:

  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Super Specialities
  • Psychiatry

All telemedicine consultations include a free follow-up in-hospital consultation if needed. For details regarding telemedicine, please visit this page or call 011 4211 1111.

What do I do if I need to speak to a pediatrician in an emergency?

You can call us at 011 4211 1111 and ask for an ‘Emergency Pediatric Teleconsultation’ any time of the day or night. The coordinator will inform you about the mode of the teleconsultation and payment options. After you have paid online, you will get a video call from a pediatrician within 30 minutes.

Can I come in for a diabetes appointment at this time?

Yes! We request you to schedule an appointment before you come into the hospital. If you have an appointment that is due and cannot visit the hospital, you can schedule a telemedicine video consultation by calling +919717490245.

We urge you to take even more care of your diabetes in this situation by consulting your doctors on time as people with uncontrolled diabetes have chances of developing severe complications if they get Covid-19.

If you have more questions on Diabetes and Coronavirus, click here.

Can I visit the hospital for an orthopedic procedure?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit the hospital for any orthopedic procedures including but not limited to:
  • Fractures or any emergency procedures
  • rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder
  • slipped disc, back problems
  • sports injuries, ligament and meniscus surgeries
  • arthroscopy, joint replacement
If you wish to speak directly to our orthopedic specialists before visiting, please call on +918860022349.

Can I get a joint replacement surgery at this time?

Yes. Please be assured we are taking all necessary precautions to limit the spread of the infection. These include: 
  • All patients are mandatorily screened before entering the hospital.
  • Patients who have flu-like symptoms are receiving all required care in a segregated area of the   hospital.
  • All OPD chambers and waiting areas are being regularly sanitised.
  • All hospital staff are screened for flu-like symptoms before every shift.
If you have difficulty walking and have severe pain, we would suggest that you don’t delay surgery any longer. This may also be a good time to get surgery as you will have the constant support of family members at home to help you recover.
Please call 011 4211 11111 to schedule your appointment with our orthopedic surgeons or +918860022349 to speak to one of our orthopedic specialists.


Please let me know whether any changes are required. 

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