Hydrocele Home Treatment: A Surgeon’s Simple Suggestions

Hydrocele treatment depends a great deal on the size of the fluid-filled sac near your testis. 

“Men do not feel any symptoms with hydroceles that are small in size, “ says Dr. Amarchand S Bajaj, Consultant, Laparoscopic, General and Bariatric Surgery at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in Delhi.

“The problem occurs when the hydroceles grow larger in size and hinder basic activities like walking.”

What treatment is best for hydrocele?

“If you experience feelings of heaviness or pain with an enlarged scrotum, we would suggest seeking medical attention straight away instead of relying on hydrocele home treatment.”

You will come across many options for hydrocele home treatment in Ayurveda or treatment without surgery in India, but the best way to get long lasting relief from hydroceles is through surgery.

So does that mean that hydroceles cannot be cured naturally?

“As doctors of medicine, we can only comment about the treatments proven by science. “

Still, if your hydrocele is small and you do not face any discomfort, there may not be any side effects of trying selected ways of hydrocele home treatment.

Simple Steps for Home Treatment of Hydrocele

“It is best to consult a doctor before attempting any home treatment,” says Dr. Bajaj. 

“Only a doctor can advise you on whether you can wait or if you need immediate surgery depending on the hydrocele size and any associated symptoms.”

If your hydrocele is in the early stages, you may try these steps.

Dietary changes 

What food is good for hydrocele?

There are no specific foods to eat or avoid with hydrocele. A healthy practice is to ensure that 50% of your plate consists of fruits and vegetables while the other 50% is divided into whole grains and proteins. 

Avoid drinking more than two cups of tea or coffee in a day and refrain from smoking and drinking as these could hamper multiple organ systems. 

“We do not recommend the use of castor oil, Epsom salt or vitamins for hydrocele as these hydrocele home treatment methods are not scientifically proven to be effective. “

Lifestyle modifications

Physical activity is as important as a healthy diet.

After confirming with your doctor, you could include exercise in your hydrocele home treatment plan. 

“Try to avoid any strenuous exercises or yoga asanas that may put pressure on the scrotum and increase discomfort.”

If you do not feel any pain or discomfort, you can walk at a brisk pace for about 45-60 minutes every day.

How can I reduce my hydrocele size?

If your hydrocele has grown and is making it difficult to perform routine activities, you should consider hydrocele surgery, also known as a  hydrocelectomy

A hydrocelectomy is safe and is usually done in less than an hour. There is no need for you to stay at the hospital and you can resume work within 3 days.

How can hydrocele be prevented?

There is no way to prevent hydroceles from occurring. A hydrocele may occur because of a birth defect or in a few cases because of an underlying condition. 

In either case, adults and parents of little children should get an expert’s opinion before resorting to any hydrocele home treatment

When to seek help

Don’t delay consulting a surgeon near you if you observe

  • the swelling in your scrotum is growing bigger 
  • discomfort or sagging like feeling on one or both sides 
  • pain that may indicate infection

A hydrocele is usually a painless swelling in the scrotum. This is why the appearance of pain is a red flag and warrants immediate attention.

“Don’t be afraid of visiting a surgeon because not every visit results in surgery. Get yourself treated on time to avoid complications later on,” concludes Dr. Bajaj.