Cord Around the Neck – Is a Caesarean Necessary?

Preeti had been preparing for a normal delivery since she discovered she was pregnant. Everything was going smoothly for her and she was looking forward to having her first baby. But when she went for an ultrasound in her 36th week, she was told that she should have a planned caesarean section because there were two loops of cord around her baby’s neck.

Still keen to try for a normal delivery, Preeti came to Sitaram Bhartia for a second opinion.

“I’ve delivered several babies with cord around the neck normally. I’ve even had a few mothers whose babies had 4 loops of cord around the neck,” says Dr. Rinku Sengupta .

Preeti was relieved to hear this from Dr. Rinku and she returned to us a few weeks later in labour.  She had a normal, vaginal delivery and today, she’s the mother of an 8-month old happy and healthy baby.

Does a cord around the neck risk the baby’s health?

cord around the neck

While studies report that approximately 1 in 3 babies are born with a cord around their neck and do not have an adverse outcome, many parents still imagine that the cord around the neck is like a rope that will strangulate their baby during labour.

This is not true.

The umbilical cord is long and it moves with the baby as it journeys through the birth canal. The cord itself is soft and filled with a jelly-like substance that cushions the blood vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

In the unlikely event of fetal distress during birth, your caregivers will pick it up as part of their routine monitoring.

Ultimately, a cord around the neck is a common occurrence and should not be a cause of anxiety. If you have any questions about a cord around your baby’s neck, please leave a comment for us below.

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