Piles (Hemorrhoids) – What Are Your Treatment Options?

“Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and anal canal,” explains Dr Amarchand S Bajaj, Senior Surgeon at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

“Some predisposing factors like excessive strain during a prolonged period of constipation may cause them.”

This can happen to anyone, irrespective of the age.

Piles like symptoms can be confused with anal fissure, where a small cut or tear causes pain and bleeding in the anal canal. Consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment if you experience:

  • Bleeding in the anal canal while passing stool
  • Lingering pain, itching or discomfort in the anal canal
  • Lump of mass protruding from the anal canal
  • Medicines, ointments or other remedies not helping

Take for example, Joseph Matthews, who experienced persistent swelling and itching around his bottom for 6 months. He had been diagnosed with piles (hemorrhoids) by another physician but the recommended treatment had not helped.

Joseph decided to seek advice from our doctors when he noticed bleeding after passing stool. He was unsure how to treat piles so he posed his questions to us.

How do you cure piles?

“If treated in its early stages, piles treatment can be done without surgery.”

1. Piles Treatment Without Surgery

In the initial stages, when there is less bleeding, piles treatment can be managed by lifestyle changes.

Adopt a high-fibre vegetarian diet with green leafy vegetables, whole grains, cereals and fruits, and drink plenty of fluids for piles (hemorrhoids) prevention.

At this stage, non-surgical treatment options such as injections (sclerotherapy) and banding are available.

Home Remedies for Piles

Some piles home remedies such as the following could also help relieve your symptoms –

  • Take sitz baths, or warm tub baths, to help in soothing anal muscles.
  • Change unhealthy diet habits and adopt a fibre-rich vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid using unnecessary pressure while passing stool

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Keep in mind that you should always consult a doctor as self-medication with over-the-counter medicines may not prove fruitful.

2. Surgical Options

Joseph’s condition was advanced so he was advised surgery for piles (hemorrhoids) treatment.

“There is no need to worry because the minimally-invasive procedure for hemorrhoids or MIPH is almost painless and carries minimal risk.  You can go back home on the first postoperative day itself.”

After the surgery, Joseph was surprised at his speedy and almost painless recovery.

“The very next day I could pass stool with almost no pain or suture at the site,” said Joseph.

Are you experiencing itching and swelling around the bottom? Visit us for a quick consultation with Dr. Amarchand S. Bajaj and learn about treatment options for piles that are best suited to you. Call us on +918800816657 to book your appointment.