How You Can Find the Best Gynecologist in Delhi

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When Suveksha Lama found out that she was pregnant, she wanted to identify the very best gynecologist in Delhi.

“My friends advised me to choose a doctor with whom I was comfortable” said Suveksha, who works with a leading international bank.

“At a hospital we had gone to earlier, they were all smiles, and they were willing to do whatever we wanted. It just didn’t feel right “ she confessed.

Her concerns are justified. Pregnancy is a time when you need guidance to make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Suveksha recounts her search for a gynecologist in this short video.


How to Select a Gynecologist

Given the difficulty of knowing what to look for in a gynecologist, many couples make the mistake of relying only on reputation or word-of-mouth reference.

But despite having chosen their doctor, many end up feeling unsupported during labour or having a caesarean that may have been avoidable.

Use our checklist below as you search for the best gynecologist in Delhi:

1. Gynecologist promotes normal delivery                 Y/N

The best gynecologists are committed to giving you every chance of having a normal delivery and avoiding an unnecessary cesarean.

Suveksha shares how her gynecologist and her team encouraged her to have a normal delivery despite being overweight and more than 35 years old.

  1. Gynecologist gives time and attention                       Y/N

The best gynecologists provide unhurried consultations and answers to even your smallest concerns. Ask yourself if you feel reassured at the end of every visit to the doctor.


  1. Gynecologist offers antenatal classes                       Y/N

The best gynecologists in Delhi work with in-house childbirth educators to conduct antenatal classes. These classes are critical to prepare you and your husband for labour and delivery.

  1. Gynecologist is part of a group practice                   Y/N

The best gynecologists work as part of teams of consultants who give cover to each other. So that when you come in during labour, you can be tended to by a senior consultant who is neither rushed nor tired.

Listen to Suveksha’s experience with group practice.

  1. Gynecologist has low cesarean rate                         Y/N

As you search for the best gynecologist in Delhi, look for a consultant and a hospital with a reputation for a low cesarean rate. You can check online reviews to see if couples highlight their normal delivery experience.

If you are unsure about your gynecologist, even at a late stage, it is best to seek a second opinion.

Remember, choosing your gynecologist will be one of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy. 

Our staff gynecologists helped  88% of low-risk first-birth mothers have a normal delivery. 

Click here to see our gynecologists’ profiles

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