unwanted pregnancy

How to Deal with an Unwanted Pregnancy

Shipra was nervous.

Today was the second day of her period except she wasn’t menstruating. She had reasoned that it was probably because of stress but now she wasn’t sure. She was hoping and praying it would not be an unwanted pregnancy.

Shipra quickly took the day off and rushed to the nearest chemist to buy a urine pregnancy test (UPT).

Take a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT)

UPTs or home pregnancy tests use urine samples to determine whether you’re pregnant. These tests detect the the urine samples for human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), which is a pregnancy hormone that the body produces after fertilisation.

Shipra read the instructions of the test, and entered her bathroom. She took the test and while she anxiously waited for the result, read through the result guide to see what each sign meant.

After a few minutes, she got up to see the result. She was pregnant. She was scared, upset and confused – all at the same time. But she knew what to do. She quickly contacted her gynecologist at Sitraram Bhartia and left for the hospital.

“You should immediately take a UPT if you suspect an unplanned pregnancy, just as Shipra did” asserts Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj.

Consult a Gynecologist

As soon as Shipra met the doctor and confirmed that she was pregnant, she made it clear that it was an unwanted pregnancy.  Shipra did not want to carry it forward.

“Take medical guidance to confirm the results of a pregnancy test. It’s always better to be under medical supervision before taking any hasty decisions” reminds Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj .

Know your Options for Terminating an Unwanted Pregnancy

“For women in the early weeks of pregnancy, a medical abortion is possible through medicines prescribed” says Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj.

These pills stop the production of the pregnancy hormone and break down the lining of the womb, resulting in bleeding and loss of pregnancy.

“In the 8th to 12th week of pregnancy, we would advise a surgical abortion. Beyond the 3rd month however, an abortion will not be carried out unless there is a good reason to do so “ Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj explains.

The procedure for a surgical abortion takes only about 10-15 minutes under anaesthesia. Women may be admitted  for only half a day, and can go back home the same day.

“It is important to realize that abortion is not a casual procedure. You need to understand the risks involved and accordingly give consent”  Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj counsels.

After much thought and discussion, Shipra continued with her plan of aborting the unwanted pregnancy.

Shipra successfully aborted and vowed to be more careful about contraception in the future.

Eliminating an unwanted pregnancy is the woman’s decision and she should consult a gynecologist to get the right guidance, right away.

“You should understand that the longer you wait, the riskier abortion gets “ Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj emphasizes.

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Medically Reviewed by Dr. Kusum Lata Bhardwaj

MBBS Panjab University, Chandigarh (2008); MD Panjab University, PGIMER, Chandigarh (2012); DNB National Board of Examinations (2013)

Experience: 10+ years