2 month pregnancy

2 Month Pregnancy – Your First Antenatal Checkup

Shobha Bhalla, 27, and her husband had been trying to conceive for months when her pregnancy test came out positive. Worried about her child, Shobha decided to consult our doctors for answers to questions on her 2 month pregnancy.

Here are some answers to Shobha’s questions on a healthy 2 month pregnancy

What happens at the first antenatal checkup?

“The aim of regular antenatal checkups is to make a care-plan for your pregnancy,” said Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu, Consultant Obstetrician at Sitaram Bhartia.

1. First ultrasound

Your first ultrasound is usually done during 2 month pregnancy to confirm the viability of the fetus.

“At 2 months pregnant, ultrasound is used to detect the presence of heartbeat in the baby, your gestational age and the location of the fetus.”

2. Medical examination

“Based on your history, examination and some routine tests, we determine whether you require additional care.”

It is recommended you reveal the following details to your doctor:

  • Duration and regularity of menstrual cycles
  • Date of last menstrual period
  • Significant medical or surgical history

Your weight and blood pressure are also monitored during antenatal checkups. After appropriate investigations, proper steps will be taken accordingly.

3. Lab tests

Antenatal checkups include blood tests as your obstetrician reviews your overall health.

You will be tested for possible UTI’s, thyroid disorders, pre-existing diabetes, and infections like HIV or Hepatitis B that can be transmitted to your baby. Based on the results of these tests your antenatal care plan will be modified.

4. Folic acid intake

Folic acid during pregnancy is a supplement universally recommended to reduce risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

Consult your doctor for the appropriate amount of folic acid you should start as soon as possible.

“Doctors can also prescribe additional supplements in 2 month pregnancy according to the mother’s needs.”

How big is the baby at 2 months?

Shobha was fascinated when she heard her baby would be around 11-14 mms in length, from crown to rump (head to bottom), by the end of her 2 month pregnancy.

“Growth is rapid in this time as the shape of the fetus begins to form and organ formation also occurs at a rapid rate. Ultrasound may detect growth of small buds that later grow into limbs and the head.”

Can you feel the baby move at 2 months?

“Your fetus is too small during 2 month pregnancy for you to feel baby movements.”

First-time mothers usually feel a fluttering or rolling sensation in their abdomen around 18th-22nd week of pregnancy, which is around 5 month pregnancy.

What can I eat during my 2 month pregnancy?

During 2 month pregnancy, food aversion occurs due to the hormonal imbalance in your body.

Symptoms like nausea and morning sickness may lessen your urge to eat. At your doctor’s discretion, medication may be prescribed to you to combat these symptoms.

Shobha was advised to eat smaller, more frequent meals and make healthy lifestyle changes for her and her child’s well-being.

“Maintain a healthy pregnancy diet and include bland food in your diet to help alleviate nausea.”

Reassured, Shobha left the consultation feeling positive about her pregnancy and determined to have a normal delivery.

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Namrita Gurpal Singh Sandhu

MBBS, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India (2005) DNB, National Board of Examinations (2012), ­­­­MRCOG (Part One), Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (2015), Diploma in Gynecological Laproscopy, Hysteroscopy and Urogynecology, Kiehls school, Germany (2019)

Experience: 10+ years


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