How You Can Find the Best Gynecologist in Delhi

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As you search for the best gynecologist in Delhi, look for a consultant and a hospital with a reputation for a low cesarean rate. The best gynecologist has your best interests in mind. 

They guide you about the choices available so you can take an informed decision for your delivery.

In 2016, our staff gynecologists helped  88% of low-risk first-birth mothers have a normal delivery. 

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Use our tips below to help guide your search for the best gynecologist in Delhi:

  1. The best gynecologist in Delhi is committed to giving you every chance of having a normal delivery and avoiding an unnecessary cesarean.


Dr Swati Sinha - best gynecologist in delhi

Dr Swati Review

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Dr Swati is one of the most efficient , honest ,reliable and knowlegable doctor, I have ever met .While prescribing anything she was very practical.Mine was a very difficult pregnancy, and she was available at any time literally. I owe my and my child's wel being to her.I will strongly recommend her for any suggestion.

Very Good

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She is very composed, competent and calm. The best thing about Dr. Swati is that she explains the issues patiently to her patients. When I had issues,she was rock solid and very positive and made me feel better . Excellent at her job.


2. The best gynecologists provide unhurried consultations and answers to even your smallest concerns. Ask yourself if you feel reassured at the end of every visit to the doctor.

Best-Gynecologist-in-Delhi - Dr -Anita-Sabherwal

Not a doctor just like family memeber

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Am from AP, there is no words to tell about Dr Anitha, she is always Lough, simple, polite ,having more knowledge, and most important point no hesitation at any time, cool calm she will treat a family member not like patients r outers. Her treatment is very simple she won't refer unnecessary medicine. Thank you so much Dr Anitha

5 5 1
Dr Anita Sabherwal is an excellent obs and gynae at Sitaram Bhartia, her knowledge, experience and skills are an asset to this hospital. She is very reassuring, always answering our endless questions and concerns with a smile. Her expertise ensured a normal and healthy delivery for our baby.


3. The best gynecologist in Delhi works with in-house childbirth educators to conduct antenatal classes. These classes are critical to prepare you and your husband for labour and delivery.

Best- gynecologist-in-Delhi - Dr -Rinku -Sengupta


My Doctor Rinku Sengupta

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Unforgettable, my experience with Dr Rinku Sengupta . My child is 11 years now, still I remember her with gratitude for her excellent guidance, kindness and support to me during that toughest phase in my life.

specialization of Dr. Rinku Sengupta

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An excellent Doctor with excellent specialization in her field.


4. The best gynecologist in Delhi works as part of a team of consultants who give cover to each other. So that when you come in during labour, you can be tended to by a senior consultant who is neither rushed nor tired.

Dr Priti Arora Dhamija-Best -gynecologist-in-delhi

5 5 1
Dr. Priti came as an angel to me during my pregnancy spell. Her politeness and humble nature makes her so different from others. She helped and motivated me in every phase of my pregnancy. My heartfelt thanks to her and the entire team of SBISR for guiding me and making my experience of childbirth the most memorable moment of my life.

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Thanx a lot to Dr Priti. Your always smiling & calm behavior made the entire process memorable for my wife.We are very thankful for your support during the entire period.

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If you are unsure about your gynecologist, even at a late stage, it is best to seek a second opinion.

Remember, choosing your gynecologist will be one of the most important decisions you will make during your pregnancy. 

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