Best Gynecologist in Delhi – Recommended by Doctors!

Whatever be the reason you’re searching for the best gynecologist in Delhi, finding the right doctor is critical.

But relying just on online directories and reviews may be risky.

Who better to know about the best gynecologists in Delhi NCR than other doctors in the same specialty?

So we asked our staff gynecologists at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in South Delhi to identify experts in their fields.

Here’s what they had to say.

Best Gynecologist for Pregnancy and Delivery
Best Gynecologist for Infertility
Best Gynecologist for Fetal Medicine
Best Gynecologist for Gyne Oncology
Best Gynecologist for Uro Gynecology

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Pregnancy and Delivery

Pregnancy brings with it many changes, and it helps to have someone who lends an ear, listens without judgement and clinically guides and empowers you to make the right choice for you and your baby.

What factors should you consider when searching for the best gynecologist in Delhi for your pregnancy?

“You should look for a gynecologist who has the time to answer all your questions and puts you at ease. And unless medically indicated, she should encourage you for a normal delivery as that is best for you and your baby” says Dr. Anita Sabherwal Anand, Consultant Obstetrician-Gynecologist in South Delhi’s Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.

“If you’re serious about having a normal delivery, you should check with women who have delivered under the gynecologist – how many had a normal delivery? Can you find their cesarean rates published online?”

“At Sitaram Bhartia, close to 9 out of 10 first-time mothers have a normal delivery and are very happy with their birth experience” adds Dr Anita.


Dr Anita Sabherwal Best Gynecologist for Pregnancy

  • Experience: 24 years
  • Interests: General and High Risk Obstetrics
  • Best known for: being reassuring, in-depth consultations

Dr Anita Sabherwal Anand
Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Anita! Please call on +919871001458 to schedule a free consultation.


See what mothers have to say about their consultations with Dr Anita:

Aditi Utpat, writes:

Dr Anita is a fabulous doctor. She guides patients with great empathy, patience and understanding. Her knowledge is fabulous, and she never  prescribes extra medicines, tests or investigations than required. Her emphasis on natural delivery gave me the courage to have a natural delivery. I strongly recommend Dr Anita.

Akhilesh Mudgal says:

Dr. Anita is simply the best; she does not treat you as a patient but actually guides you and your partner to become a parent. Consultancy visits are not the regular tick in the box plain check ups with her. You actually learn about the development of your baby through her guidance and explanation. She involves you in the whole process, decodes the medical terminology in simple words and gives very candid feedback. You have to just trust her judgement and she is bang on with all her assessments.

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“Another excellent choice for those seeking antenatal care would be Dr Urvashi Sehgal of Phoenix Hospitals – she pioneered water births in India and use of doulas in the labour room” says Dr Anita.  

Dr Urvashi Sehgal

Mind-body preparation in the antenatal period is essential for a vaginal delivery

Dr Urvashi Sehgal

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Infertility or IVF

It can be heartbreaking to see a negative pregnancy result especially if you’ve been trying to conceive for months. 

If you’re older than 35 years and have been trying to get pregnant for six months or are younger and have not been able to conceive for a year, you should see an infertility specialist.

What should you look for in the best gynecologist in Delhi for infertility?

The best gynecologist for infertility in Delhi should be a qualified clinician who hears you out, examines your history in detail and helps you identify options that coincide with your own values.  

“When I counsel couples about preconception, I ask them questions to understand what matters the most to them in the journey toward parenthood. That helps me to creatie a plan customized to their needs and desires, “ says Dr. Priti Arora Dhamija, Infertility expert and Obstetrician-Gynecologist in South Delhi.

“Most couples who come to see me conceive within the first 6-8 months, sometimes with no medical intervention. But some require investigations and only very few need IVF.”


  • Experience: 17 years
  • Interests: Pelvic Endoscopy, Infertility and IVF
  • Best known for: calm nature, understanding your concerns and patiently guiding you

Dr Priti Arora Dhamija
Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Priti! Please call on +919871001458 to schedule a consultation.


Read what couples have to say about Dr Priti:

Shruti Trivedi says:

Excellent doctor in every aspect. Very much focused and passionate about the case. In my case 100% successful. I recommend her to all the desirable. She is the best gynecologist I have ever met. Loads of thanks!!!

Sumangali Radhakrishnan Nair shares:

It has been a privilege to have her as my gynaecologist leading up to the delivery of my baby. She is systematic in her approach and supportive in her interactions, reassuring and gentle as she guides you through your first time pregnancy. Her recommendations had a huge impact on my pregnancy and childbirth experience, including her asking me to go for water birth to ease pressure on my back. Would really recommend Sitaram Bhartia in general and Dr. Priti in specific. Thank you, Doctor!

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For difficult cases, Dr Priti recommends Dr Sonia Malik, a gynecologist who has worked on infertility since her post-graduation days.

Dr Sonia Malik

It all depends on belief. If you strongly believe in something, it may work out for you

Dr Sonia Malik

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Fetal Medicine

Fetal medicine experts are obstetrician-gynecologists who specialize in identifying and managing conditions related to the fetus.

You may be referred to a fetal medicine specialist if you have

  • had miscarriages or complications during earlier pregnancies
  • an existing condition such as diabetes, lupus or kidney disease and are pregnant or planning pregnancy
  • one child affected by a particular syndrome
  • a family history of Thalassemia or other genetic conditions
  • a high risk pregnancy, which may be due to obesity, hypertension, diabetes, preclampsia

If you’ve injured yourself during pregnancy or faced heavy bleeding or an infection after childbirth, you may be asked to consult a fetal medicine expert. 

“All pregnant women under our care get ultrasound scans and blood tests to detect genetic abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome. If anything suspicious is detected, we may need to  involve a fetal medicine specialist” says Dr. Swati Sinha, Senior Consultant Obstetrician-Gynecologist in South Delhi.


Dr Swati Sinha Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Fetal Medicine

    • Experience: 20 years
    • Interests: High Risk Pregnancy, Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
    • Best known for: being optimistic,inspiring confidence

Dr Swati Sinha
Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Swati! Please call on +919871001458 to schedule your consultation.


See what women have to say about Dr Swati.

Sreeja Roy Mitra writes:

Seeing Dr. Swati was the best decision I had taken during my pregnancy. She was kind and compassionate towards me. It was my first pregnancy and I was very nervous. During the checkups when she would examine me, she would explain what she was going to do next. This made me quite comfortable about the checkups. Dr. Swati was very warm. In the first trimester, I had a low lying placenta and suffered from severe nausea. In the second trimester, we had to undergo a fetal echocardiogram due to some complications. In the third trimester, my AFI dropped. Dr. Swati has been very supportive and optimistic throughout my pregnancy.

Zoya Qureshi says:

I had googled a place with good normal delivery rates as that was my priority. Upon further research found Dr Sinha as an expert in high risk pregnancies which i was afraid of. I had started my journey with her and it was the best decision for my pregnancy journey. Dr Swati kept me on minimal medication, no unnecessary interventions. My conversations with her were very factual and she is very straight forward in her advice. I recommend her for people who, like me, wish to be well informed, but not unnecessarily wrapped in tests and procedures. What i loved about the hospital policy and Dr Sinha was that I felt there was no extra intervention/tests in the ups and downs of the journey. Some Dr’s make you hyper and get too many tests done. Or put you into panic mode. With Dr Swati i have always had a calm and composed reaction and thats kept us very calm as first timers. She had been very kind to share her number and that was very helpful in difficult times or confusions. She always responded and even called back when missed calls and always responded to my messages. As a patient, that was extremely reassuring for me. The hospital doesnt pop up much in advertisements and may not be packaged in a very fancy corporate manner, but i personally feel that they do the job exceptionally well. I strongly recommend the Doctor to all looking at basic healthy and normal pregnancy. I wish the team and Dr Sinha the best. The administrative and nursing staff is a class apart in cooperation. They will give you a very warm feeling. I got 150% out of my experience and I take back alot of warmth, happiness and good health.

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What should you look for in a fetal medicine expert?

Bear in mind that the best gynecologist in Delhi for fetal medicine should be someone who stays abreast with the latest developments in the field and also who is able to coordinate closely with your primary gynecologist.

“Dr Vandana Chaddha and Dr Seema Thakur both have excellent training and experience in this field.”

Dr Vandana Chaddha “enjoys watching fetuses and understanding their habits” and believes that to be the best in the field “You have to read everyday, have a passion to teach and learn, and have an academic bent of mind.”

Dr Vandana Chaddha

Intake of folic acid in the planning period is essential to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus

Dr Vandana Chaddha


“If you’ve married late or even if you don’t display any symptoms, you and your partner should consider genetic screening” says Dr Seema.

Dr Seema Thakur

Certain conditions could be genetic, not necessarily inherited

Dr Seema Thakur

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Gyne-Oncology

Gynecologist-oncologists diagnose and treat cancers affecting the female reproductive organs. Your gynecologist may suggest approaching a gyne-oncologist to understand the course of action if you have conditions such as:

What factors should you consider when selecting a gyne-oncologist?

The best gynecologist in Delhi for oncological conditions should undoubtedly have stellar qualifications and a record of successful surgeries but should also demonstrate patience and a passion for helping you overcome the most difficult phase of your life. 

“Our very own Dr Vijaya Lakshmi Bhargava has enjoyed a legendary reputation as a cancer surgeon since her years at AIIMS. She is the sort of doctor who makes you feel safe  and is known for her expertise with operating difficult cancer cases” says Dr. Rinku Sengupta, head of our department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr Rinku Sengupta Best Gynecologist in Delhi

  • Experience: 26 years
  • Interests: Natural Childbirth, Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC), Normal Delivery for Twins
  • Best known for: being trustworthy,motivating

Dr Rinku Sengupta
Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Rinku! Please call on +919871001458 to schedule a consultation.


Read what women have had to say about Dr Rinku:

Sangeeta Tantubay writes:

We are blessed with a son with normal delivery and without any complication during the tough time of nation wide lockdown. All credit goes to Dr. Rinku Sengupta and her team at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital. She has always given her valuable advice to facilitate normal delivery. We followed it strictly. For the first time in my life I came across a doctor without any commercial interest. That too it was after conceiving for the first time. We felt like she is an Angel. She has prescribed bare minimum medicines during entire pregnancy and always emphasized for walking and exercise. We are grateful to her for smooth and natural delivery. This helped us a lot to manage the entire process during lockdown. We will remember the night of delivery for ever. We express our profound gratitude to her.

Vineeta  Mehra says:

Very focused and one of the best doctor. I could go for vbac all because of her guidance. Truly worth consulting her for your pregnancy and any other gynae issue. 👍👍

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Dr V.L. Bhargava advises women to follow a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet for prevention of gynecological cancers.

Even if there is 1% chance of a surgery being successful, you should take that chance. You may turn out to be that lucky one.

Dr V. L. BhargavaDr V. L. Bhargava

Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. VL Bhargva.

Please call on +9871001458 to schedule free consultation.


Dr Rinku also recommends Dr Rupinder Sekhon of the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute. Dr Rupinder is one of the few doctors who exclusively works as a gyne-oncologist.

Dr Rupinder is optimistic that the cervical cancer rates across the country can be drastically brought down through increased awareness and prevention measures.

Dr Rupinder Sekhon

If females aged 26 and below take the vaccine, their chances of getting cervical cancer are reduced by 70-80%

Dr Rupinder Sekhon

Best Gynecologist in Delhi for Uro Gynecology

Uro-gynecology is a relatively new sub-speciality within obstetrics and gynecology and deals with the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in women. Just as a urologist treats conditions related to the urinary tract or reproductive system in men, a uro-gynecologist conservatively and surgically manages conditions of the urinary tract and reproductive organs in women. 

You should consult a uro-gynecologist if you make hourly washroom visits or can’t get rid of a sagging feeling in the pelvic region.

“Women facing recurrent UTIs or organ prolapse should seek help from a uro – gynecologist who can think through and evaluate the cause behind the problem, “ says Dr. Payal Chaudhary, Consultant Obstetrician- Gynecologist at Sitaram Bhartia.

Dr. Payal Chaudhary

    • Experience: 15 years
    • Interests: Natural birthing, Minimally-invasive surgery (keyhole surgery) and Urogynaecology
    • Best known for: being friendly, compassionate and a patient listener

Dr Payal Chaudhary
Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Payal. Please call on +9871001458 to schedule free consultation.


See what women have to say about Dr Payal:

Suhasini M.V. shares:

After some really bad encounters with gynaecologists, one day I stumbled upon Dr. Payal Chaudhary and oh boy what a wonderful discovery it was!! She guided me through every step of my pregnancy, encouraged me to remain myself throughout pregnancy be it any form of physical exercises, working till 2 days before delivery, healthy weight gain and above all remain my fittest self mentally. She is kind, extremely lovely to talk to, gives a personal touch in her dealing with patients and is extremely meticulous in her job. I’m very glad I chose her to be my primary doctor to deliver my first baby. Thanks to her guidance and support I delivered a healthy lovely baby normally and my pregnancy still remains one of the most beautiful memories so far. I would highly recommend her if you are a first time mother looking for a doctor who can guide you like family and be with you smilingly at every step.

Aashima Joshi writes:

Dr. Payal is an empathetic and highly trained gynaecologist. She explains the situation very well,which helps build trust in her. I got in touch with her very late in a complicated pregnancy, inspite of the same her presence and sense of commitment gave me and my family highly needed support and apt medical treatment. I would highly recommend her for any Gynac issue.

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What factors should you consider when evaluating uro-gynecologists?

The best gynecologist in Delhi for uro-gynecology should have requisite qualifications/training but also should be able to walk you through your condition and explain why she is suggesting a certain treatment plan.

“Dr. Aparna Hegde and Dr. Amita Jain are Delhi based gynecologists doing excellent work in the field.”

Trained at Stanford, Dr. Aparna loves listening to patients to understand their problems better and accordingly designs a treatment regime specific to their needs.

In her opinion, “Physiotherapy can give so much relief to the patient that they may not require surgery at all.”

Dr Aparna Hegde

If you really want to impact lives in this field, you should impact lives at scale

Dr Aparna Hegde


Dr. Amita Jain’s practice revolves exclusively around treating patients suffering from pelvic floor dysfunctions. Apart from performing all vaginal or abdominal (open/ laparoscopic / robotic) surgeries, Dr. Amita also trains rising urogynecologists.

Dr Amita Jain

Being aware of Pelvic floor and it’s intricate connection to your health is essential to your well-being

Dr Amita Jain

In Conclusion..

Beyond the academic credentials and the reputation, the best gynecologist in Delhi is one with whom you establish a sense of trust and a level of comfort. If you’re unsure of the course of treatment you’ve been recommended, it’s never too late to seek a second opinion.