preparing for pregnancy

Is it Possible to Prepare my Body for Pregnancy?

Geetika Mehta is a 33-year old woman who has been married for a couple of years. A few weeks ago, Geetika came to Sitaram Bhartia to talk about preparing for pregnancy because she and her husband were in the early stages of planning a baby.

“I’ve always been on the heavier side” said Geetika “and diabetes runs in the family.

Tests during pregnancy

Tests During Pregnancy – Which ones and Why?

Gauri Singh, a second-time mother, had been consulting a private gynaecologist in South Delhi but had stopped following up with her. When she came into Sitaram Bhartia for a check-up at 36 weeks, her doctor realised that she had last seen her doctor at 20 weeks and that she had missed a few important tests during pregnancy.

first trimester diet

How to Plan Your First Trimester Diet

When Preethi Kamath came in for her first antenatal appointment, she was worried about her first trimester diet. 

“The women in my family gave me a whole list of foods I was told to completely avoid” she said. “Seafood, cheese, meat, raw vegetables, and even some fruits! So that narrowed down my choices considerably.

vaccinations during pregnancy

Vaccinations During Pregnancy – Are They Really Safe?

With some of the misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding vaccinations during pregnancy, our consultants see and resolve a lot of confusion from expecting parents. Typically, the concerns are related to how safe vaccinations are and how they will affect the baby’s development.

Take, for instance, Shruti Saini, who began consulting at Sitaram Bhartia for her first pregnancy.

pregnancy lifestyle change

The Essential Guide to Managing Pregnancy Lifestyle Changes

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered you’re pregnant and amidst all the excitement and happiness, you’re also probably wondering about all the pregnancy lifestyle changes you need to make now.

While you do need to be careful about your caffeine, alcohol and calorie intake, most of your pregnancy will not require any special “treatment”. You’re stepping into a natural process and if your pregnancy is progressing normally,

myths about normal deliveries

8 Myths about Normal Deliveries

Because of the rising caesarean sections in Delhi, chances are that most of your family, friends and peers have also had one. In fact, caesarean deliveries are now so common, they’ve become the new normal, which has given rise to some myths about normal deliveries.

Caesarean deliveries are the reason that many apprehensions exist about vaginal deliveries.

Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy

All you need to Know about an Episiotomy

Until fairly recently, obstetricians were in favour of routinely giving episiotomies to labouring women during childbirth. However, the WHO guidelines clearly state that episiotomies should not be routinely performed.

If you’re keen to have a normal delivery, you should know when you might require an episiotomy, what it entails and how long the recovery and healing process can take.